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Shopping Feed connects and lists your products on the world’s most powerful marketplaces, syncs inventory, and automates order fulfillment. And that’s just the beginning.


Shopping Feed connects and lists your products on the world’s most powerful marketplaces, syncs inventory, and automates order fulfillment. And that’s just the beginning.

"We started seeing results immediately after installing. After a quick onboarding, I knew how to navigate their dashboard with a robust amount of features. Being able to set conditional rules, select and deselect products, and ensure our business was humming along across many different marketplaces."

Outdoor Power Direct

"They really have thought of everything, Whatever you need, there's a tool or a setting to make it happen. And best of all, their support team is pretty remarkable. "


"Unbelievably good support staff. The very best out of anyone I have ever worked with."

Chains And Pearls

"We used to be a little store with almost no staff who spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours manually listing items on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. Now we're a big store with a small staff and after working with Shopping Feed's EXCELLENT support staff, today I flicked a switch and 200+ items went up on eBay in an instant--all perfectly re-priced for that market. "

Tot Seat

"We've been using Shopping Feed now for just over 6 months and we've been thoroughly impressed with both the system and the customer service that we've received. Don't hesitate for a second to use this app, there really isn't anything out there that compares. Keep up the good work guys!"

Urban Industry Store

"Shopping Feed single-handedly saved my business from closing. By taking our shop inventory and sending it to eBay and Amazon, I now essentially have 3 shops instead of one. Many of our items sell WAY faster on eBay, or on Amazon, or both. Sales spiked as soon as I started sending product to the marketplaces via Shopping Feed. Not just a recommended app... an ESSENTIAL app for ecommerce."

Tenacious Toys

"Shopping Feed is hands down the best solution for my inventory management."


Easily publish your inventory across thousands of channels to reach more customers

Quickly build listings & sync inventory across all channels, and fulfill marketplace orders from your storefront. Our users are up and running on their favorite channel the same day. Grow your presence and easily adapt your product offering to dominate any of our 1000+ supported channels. You will always have a new corner of the market to dominate, thanks to Shopping Feed.

Your single source of truth for marketplace order fulfillment

Connect a marketplace channel and watch orders sync to your storefront through Shopping Feed. Leverage all the integrations and technology from your storefront to integrate your marketplace orders into your existing fulfillment workflow.

Let cross-channel insights power your ecommerce strategy

Trying to better understand your momentum across all your channels? Gather actionable insights into your clicks and orders in real-time on Shopping Feed. Set product margins, track clicks and orders, segment products and channels into groups, and schedule detailed exports to keep you and your team informed.

Be found through superior product data

Listing your products is only the beginning. Win that order using SEO Marketplace to assign products tags that attract your buyer. With over 7 Million Fluid Tags across 1000 international channels, we guarantee your data won’t get in the way of the sale.

The most talented software in e-commerce

Do more with Shopping Feed than any software. We build our tools around the needs of data managers across the globe. From custom data feeds, to our full suite of powerful data manipulation tools, to our industry leading support. We make amazing things happen every day.

Is your listing data holding you back?

Add Shopping Feeds powerful data manipulation to your bag of tricks. As an e-commerce manager, finding yourself in need of large scale changes to product data is common. In just a few clicks, manipulate your product data on specific channels using our powerful Rules tool, without needing to make changes to the original product listing.


A Human-First Team

Our team of experts aren’t afraid to get human. Our team of onboarding experts will learn and document your goals, and review your progress to make sure you are reaching them.


Transparent by philosophy

Knowing where you’re headed is hard enough, hoping that the technologies you leverage will keep up shouldn’t be a concern. It takes grit to ship an average 12 new features or channels a month. Watch us keep up with your success.


A.I. That Empowers

Be ready for shifts in the market with a system that quickly adapts your data ahead of trends. From powerful Amazon Repricing to Automated SEO, let our software automate your success.

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